Pupscreamâ„¢ – Ice Cream Treats for Dogs

Since 1999, I’ve been lucky to make Jake’s Ice Creams, the best ice cream in the universe. Many of our Jake’s lovers are also dog lovers and have one or two or six at home. They have asked me to create an ice cream for dogs that is as good for them as it is delicious…something as special as Jake’s Ice Cream. No easy task, I’ve researched and interviewed veterinarians for the last ten years to create the ultimate dog treat that would also give them much needed nutrition as well as something delightful for them to lick.

jakeWhen Henry came into my life four years ago I became more determined than ever to make this treat a reality. Enter PupScream.

I created Henrilicious PupScream to provide a nutritious and delicious frozen dog treat for Henry. I mention this because of Henry’s story. He was born in a puppy mill in Missouri. A mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer, Henry was kept in a 2.5′ x 2.5′ cage for the first 6.5 months of his life. During a raid by ASPCA, Henry was “liberated” and brought to a rescue called Angels Among Us (AAU) in Alpharetta.


I saw him on the site and inquired about adopting him. The director of AAU advised me that he had very little socialization, was leery of humans and also had a heart murmur. She was hesitant to adopt him, but agreed for me to come and meet him.

She warned me that he might recoil when I approached when I arrived the next day, but instead Henry put his head on my shoulder and curled up. I adopted him that day and he has been my “son” ever since. Slowly he has become a very social boy and I admit I try to spoil him whenever I can. For example, since I cook for a living, I make Henry’s food and I have been thinking I could make food for other people’s dogs including desserts. My main criteria would be to make them healthy and delicious but also with a sense of humor. We think we’ve created something special and we hope you will agree.

Our first three flavors are called:

Squirrel Surprise

Unfortunate Neighbor Cat



and they will be available for purchase at the Irwin Street Market and online at irwinstreetmarket.com in the very near future.

If you have questions…and we know you will…please email us at info@pupscream.com